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readers & members of her Ireland Travel Forum. See below for more about the award.

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 Have questions about traveling to Ireland? Get free answers from Michele Erdvig - the Ireland Expert ! Just post your questions and Michele will be happy to answer ASAP. Read Trip Reports, get Special Offers & Discounts and get help planning your trip to Ireland.

This is an interactive forum so you can get advice from the other members, some of whom live in Ireland year round and others who have been to Ireland many times before.

This forum is not the place to get sugar-coated information. Michele's style is to give people her honest opinion and the real inside scoop on Ireland.

Since she is
not a travel agent Michele cannot quote you fares to Ireland, car rental rates or make reservations for you.

Michele does personalized
Ireland itineraries for her clients, however, much as she would like to, it is too time-intensive for her to do so on this forum. If you are interested in having a trip tailor-made to your specifications you can contact her by clicking here or for more information click here . Since she does this on a personal one-on-one basis she only takes on a limited number of clients every year on a first-come-first-served basis.

Comments from Melissa5 on Michele's Ireland Travel Forum. Click HERE to read all the comments.

"I knew Michele's book was unique when I used it to choose my accommodations for our Ireland trip summer 2006. HOWEVER I didn't know just how great it was until I found myself planning a trip for New Zealand and have found that NO SIMILAR BOOK exists for New Zealandů

Michele is like the Goldilocks of Ireland...she went, she slept in the beds, she tasted the porridge, she sat in the chair. Then she reported it all in her book.

I am an avid researcher and let me tell you nothing equal is available for New Zealand. Sure there are guidebooks, but none written by the same person who has slept in all the beds, ate the porridge, sat in the chair, and can personally compare it all for me!

So for New Zealand I am crossing my fingers on the accommodations to some extent. But for Ireland, with Michele Erdvig, you are in excellent hands!

So that means I must return to Ireland again, just one more reason. And when I do, I will buy Michele's latest edition of the BEST GUIDEBOOK ON THE PLANET!

Thanks Michele! You get the Goldilocks Award...the highest accolade in the travel industry."

Let Michele smooth your path to Ireland and plan a tailor-made trip for you

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