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Ireland money, ATM cards & credit card tips. Ireland budgeting tips.  Don't get charged extra by your bank, credit card issuer or shops in Ireland. Know before you go. Convert your currency here.

Currency in the Republic of Ireland is the euro, which uses the following symbol: €. Each euro consists of 100 cents.  Notes are issued in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros. In Northern Ireland the currency is the British pound sterling, divided into 100 pence. The two currencies are separate and not interchangeable.

Most people should bring a combination of a small amount of cash, credit cards and a debit or ATM card. Using your bank or credit union ATM card, debit card and credit cards will usually get you the best exchange rates. Some people like to have traveler's checks for emergencies but I have not used them recently and many consider them Stone Age technology.

ATM & Debit Cards: should be usable with Plus or Cirrus networks and you need a 4-digit PIN number. Banks in Ireland do not charge for using their ATMs although ATMs at small stores or those not associated with a bank may apply a fee. Check with your bank about additional fees that they may charge. Also, check daily withdrawal limits and raise them if necessary.

Credit Cards

Most places in Ireland will take credit cards, with the exception of some B&B's. Only bring the minimum number of cards needed. Bring a copy of your credit card phone numbers, in case you run into problems. Most US credit card companies will accept collect foreign calls from their card holders. Remember, toll-free phone numbers, which are used in the United States may not work.

International Surcharge: Most credit cards charge a 1% conversion fee for foreign exchange but you will still get a good commercial rate. Be sure that the bank issuing your card does not add an International Surcharge, which can add greatly to the cost of using a credit card.

Euros or Dollars? Do not let merchants in Ireland charge your card in dollars. Since the merchants take a cut you will generally get a very unfavorable rate. When handing over your card instruct them to charge in euros only (or pounds sterling in Northern Ireland). This is called dynamic currency conversion.

Inform Your Card Company in advance of your trip that you will be traveling so they don't put a freeze on your account because of suspicious activity.

Budgeting in Ireland

When staying at B&Bs the price you pay includes a substantial breakfast that may keep you going for most of the day. You might want to conserve funds at lunch by going to a supermarket and buying sandwiches and salads and have a picnic. Or you can have soup or sandwiches at a pub or café. Those who want a full lunch will find that they will get the same amount of food at midday as they would for dinner -- at half the price! Then they can have a light snack for dinner, saving quite a bit per day.

Pubs provide a low-cost option. You can get soup, sandwiches, snacks and full meals in a pub and pay less than you would at a restaurant. Fast-food restaurants are also cheaper that full-service restaurants.

At restaurants have an "early bird" dinner - depending on the establishment - anywhere from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Sometimes it is more economical to order from the "set menu" rather than
a la carte. Tips may be included in the price of your meal. You can find out by looking at the bottom of the menu or by asking.

If you are renting a car get a small one. The smaller the car the better gas mileage you will get. Gas is very expensive in Ireland

Most of your purchases in Ireland can be tax-free if you know the secret of how to recover Value Added Tax (VAT). As you shop collect tax-refund forms. Be sure to ask for them. This can save you around 17 percent! For complete details be sure to read
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