Ireland Packing Tips !

The ultimate guide to essentials you need in Ireland. Tips for packing light. What to wear in Ireland. How to dress for the Irish weather. Get the complete packing list in Michele Erdvig's Ireland Dream Trip. Don't leave home without it!

Travel light. Ireland is a casual place and tourists can go almost anywhere in jeans, sneakers and a sweater. Of course if you are planning something special you will want to dress appropriately. But for most tourists, casual and comfortable is the way to travel.

At the B&Bs you will be carrying your own luggage up and down stairs. The less you bring, the more you can buy and bring back. If you are planning on two weeks or more in Ireland, bring enough clothes for a week, then find a launderette and wash your clothes. Launderettes can be found in almost every town in Ireland and many of them will wash and fold your laundry for you. It's easy to drop your laundry off in the morning, spend your day sightseeing and then pick up your clean clothes in the evening. Be sure to find out when they close and be specific about how you want your clothes washed.

Even in the summer it can get cool in Ireland so layering your clothes makes sense. You can always add a sweater over a shirt or blouse and then a jacket over that. Bring a nylon windbreaker with a hood that is roomy enough to fit over bulky sweaters. It's light enough to fold into nothing and stuff into a purse or even a pocket. It repels rain and wind. When it's too windy and rainy for an umbrella or even a hat the hood is useful for keeping dry. Along the coasts of Ireland it can be quiet windy so a hat or scarf will come in handy. If you are traveling in the colder months bring gloves and always bring a small folding umbrella.

Don't Leave Home Without It !

Electrical items will require an electric converter/adapter. You can buy them at places such as luggage stores, department and discount stores.

Bring twice as much film or memory as you think you will need. You can buy it in Ireland but it is more expensive.

A washcloth is a necessity since many B&Bs and hotels do not provide them.

Always take along a tiny flashlight that you can tuck into a pocket or purse. The Irish countryside at night is darker than the bottom of a coal mine and if you get a flat tire or have another mishap this item will be a must.

Make copies of your passports and tickets and keep them separate from your originals.

Ear plugs--the soft foam kind--are invaluable for light sleepers. They can be used on the plane, in busy cities or noisy accommodations.

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